Francois De Meyer and Stefan Bracke founded Raveyards, and have a long history together. They co-own a studio and work brilliantly as a team. After a long search for the perfect composition, they are now a five-piece band, with on lead vox synths: Francois De Meyer (Villa, Diskodrunkards, Soapstarter); on synths and computers: Stefan Bracke (The Subs, Foxylane); on guitar and vocals, Brent Vanneste (Steak Number Eight, Psygasus);on drums: Joris Casier (Steak Number Eight); and on synths vocals Stefanie Mannaerts (Brutus). Friends of the band help to shape the immersive, total experience. Randall Diagre (light) and Bert van Maris (video) are the hidden members of Raveyards. Together, they testify to a century and more of popular culture. Their tracks have echoes of all types of music and non-music, from the industrial buzzsaw sounds of distorted drum-machines to the sounds of sonar and the twangy guitars of an obscure B-movie soundtrack from the seventies


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