PA Rehearsals

For artists who like to practice their repertoire on a professional PA, VK offers the opportunity to do PA rehearsals. Bands who want to improve their live sound, can use our venue, PA and technical support for one or more days.

In 2014, we celebrated VK’s 25th birthday. Through the years, the VK has built a reputation of cutting edge line-ups joined to professional-quality concerts. The various genres represented at the VK (electronica, reggae, hip hop, rock, metal, experimental,…) are eloquent of the will to diversify that animates this place.

Our venue is known for its technical and acoustic features and has welcome artists such as Chris Cornell or the Belgian pych-rock act Moaning Cities for rehearsals in the past.

Prepare your live show with your own FOH and/or monitor technician or hire a mixer of the VK, this is all possible.

More info?
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