White Hills

White Hills

White Hills are a psychedelic rock duo from New York City.  The duo are known for their experimental sound and constant artistic reinvention in which they combine elements from krautrock, post-punk, art rock, goth and metal. Ever since the release of their debut album They've Got Blood Like We've Got Blood in 2005, both press and listeners have been praising the band for their originality and unique brand of heavy space rock. White Hill's last studio album Stop Mute Defeat (2017) is the result of a musical break Dave W. and Ego Sensation took,  fervently throwing themselves into visual arts. This new artistic endeavour was instrumental in shaping their most recent record. 

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Morgan Delt

Morgan Delt delivers rock music infused with psychedelic influences. In 2013, the Californian artist instantly created a following by releasing his very first musical endeavours on limited edition cassettes. The next year, Morgan Delt proved his point by dropping his self-titled debut album, displaying a unique blend of raw power pop and druggy experiments. The songs on his latest album Phase zero (2016), have a more polished sound that invites listeners to let their imagination run free. 

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