Ocean Wisdom

Ocean Wisdom

When Ocean Wisdom uploaded his track Walking onto Youtube back in 2014, it immediately got picked up by hip hop heads across the world. Spitting out rhymes like it's nothing, the young rapper from Brighton is praised for his outstanding vocal ability. After his overwhelming overnight success he released his first EP Splittin' The Racket in 2015 and started touring alongside artists like Foreign Beggars and Mike Skinner. October last year he released his first studio album Chaos 93'.  

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Denzel Himself

Denzel Himself is a 22-year-old recording artist and producer from outer London. The ten tracks of his debut EP 'Pleasure' were written, recorded and produced by Denzel himself and the accompanying video for 'Thrasher' was self-produced and directed also, hence the moniker.

Though 'Pleasure' weaves a path through a hip-hop landscape, Denzel is no archetypal rapper, with a widescreen vision for his art as singular as it is diverse. Throughout 'Pleasure' an array of influences are subtly mined, from the melodic R&B of 'Mister (a J*DaVeY cover)' to 'Thrasher' and 'Cherry (Hot boy)' , alluding to Denzel's love for punk. Lyrically, 'Pleasure' is unusually thoughtful, wrapping a deeply personal, brutally honest lyrical content around a resonant, atmospheric canvas, as Denzel's flow nods to hip-hop's legacy while sounding utterly unique.

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