With more than 30 albums under his belt, Freddy McGregor is seen as one of Jamaica's most durable reggae artists. Starting his musical career at the age of seven, McGreggor's heyday really began in the early '80s with the release of his solo debut Bobby Babylon, which was a smash hit in Jamaica. His hit single Big Ship one year later catapulted him to the front rank of reggae stars. Since then, the Jamaican artist, known for his conscious lyrics and soulful style, kept releasing well received albums and even got Grammy-nominated for his album Anything For You back in 2002. Last year, he released his new album True To My Roots, which was also well received by reggae lovers across the globe.

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With the release of his landmark LP Where There Is Life in 1995, Luciano emerged as one of the most important reggae singers in decades and the greatest hope for roots reggae's survival in the digital dancehall era. Combining his love of God into a soulful, spiritual blend of rock and r 'n b tinged reggae, the Jamaican artist is consistently praised for imparting sentiments of spirituality, edification and humanitarian upliftment. During his career, he has collaborated with a wide array of today's global reggae artists from Baaba Maal to Sizzla and in 2016 his latest record, Zion Awake, got nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Reggae Album.

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Heartbeat Movement

Heartbeat Movement founded in 1996 in Belgium (D-Town aka backyard of Brussels) and grow out to a sound with Ricky, Youthman, Skatta, Nesta and JR. VybzIn 2012, new young and talented members strengthened the movement: Nick, Gassa, Simon, Maddict and Thomas will be representing HEARTBEAT MOVEMENT in the future longside the veterans. They organize since 2004 the famous reggae/dancehall-party called Joyridewhere they perform with Beljam Finest and is co-organizer  of the free summer reggaefestival reggaebox. They won a soundclash in Doornik and entered Beljam cup clash in 2011 and Gold Rush clash in 2013, keeping clash culture alive. They also played on big stages such as Couleur Café, twice on the stage of Reggae Geel and finally on Roepaen Festival.