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Parking 'Brunfaut' 
This underground car park is located on the Brunfautstraat 18, 1080 Molenbeek, 500 meters from VK. This parking (not free) offers space for 150 cars and is open 24h/24.

Parking "Lepage"
In Rue Léon Lepage 23-31, 1000 Brussels. Caution! This car park closes at 1a.m. at night!

Parking 'Dansaert'
On the Nieuwe Graanmarkt 2 (Dansaertstraat), 1000 Brussels. Open from Monday to Thursday and Sunday until 00pm, Friday till 01a.m. and 2a.m. on Saturday!

Parking 'Dansaert 2'
In Rue de Flandre 60, 1000 Brussels. Caution! Enter parking before 7p.m.! Exit is open 24h/24.